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What we will achieve with this project are​: through this project we aim to increase and diversify the number of outdoor activities in the partner schools. Each partner school has expertise in outdoor activities, new for the rest of the partners. Our target groups are the teachers from partner schools and they will have the opportunity to observe the host countries' students with special needs and the each host country's students will benefit of LTT activities regarding outdoor activities like trekking, climbing, biking, outdoor activities adapted to water, boccia and other.

This project aims to strengthen professional profile of the teaching staff by increasing the access of teachers to high quality and teacher-centered tailored in-service trainings.

Our goal is to help the students to cope with the global challenges, technology addiction and daily rush. Because during our workshops we would like to keep in touch with both educators, councellors and families however, our main target is the students with learning difficulties.

And another significant aim is how the social, technological, cultural changes impact the youth. We will try to help them come over contemporary problems via sports and training.

By the help of this project we want to expand new horizons for them by the help of creative activities (dramas, workshops, success stories) We aim to create equal opportunities and offer them positive impacts on the decisions of their future. And the poor conditioned students will be able to gain social inclusion by given equal opportunities. Six schools that work with students with special needs, we discovered a common need: to diversify and to increase the outdoor activities in our schools. By exchanging best practices, adopting specific teaching methods from European partners we expect to achieve a higher motivation among teachers for high quality teaching activities that adapt and use new methods. By conducting outdoor activities in partnership with parents and students from mainstream schools, involving students with special needs in games and competitions together with conducting teachers around Europe, adapting and implementing attractive games and sports activities like Nordic walking, climbing, bocce, we expect to gain a stronger collaboration with the parents, an improved social awareness regarding the disability and a higher level of assertiveness towards people with disabilities, a higher level of self confidence, self-esteem and autonomy among students with special needs for a better inclusion of this disadvantaged groups.

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