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“Experience floorball both with SEN students with Mainstream Students”

This activity will allow the pupils the opportunity to learn through experience with in a floorball game with invited floorball players or coaches to develop their self-esteem and confidence and a positive disposition to learning through the completion of small, achievable tasks, to meet the needs of children with all learning styles.

A-five-day plan will applied with students about floorball, learning the game, equipments, preparing ppts and videos etc.. This activity will help them the opportunity to develop an inquisitive and positive relationship with real sports persons and inspire them through observing new experiences. The aim of this activity is to help the pupils develop confidence and self-esteem; communication, social and physical skills; motivation and a positive attitude to learning. After this activity all the partners will prepare their own “Floorball game” activities adapted their local area in their cities.

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